AOI – Kabuki Dance with Piano-Improvisation

«Je est un autre» (I is someone else) (Ich ist ein Anderer) – A. Rimbaud

Performance mit Kabuki-Tanz und Klavier-Musik
Subtiler Dialog, Aktion und Reaktion zwischen zwei Darstellungskünsten aus Osten und Westen, Modernen und Archaischen, bis ins Rätsel der Innerlichkeit.

It is a fine dialogue, action and reaction between two performing arts
from east and west, modern and archaic.
Kabuki Dance: Eiko Hayashi
Live Music: Masako Ohta

This is a trip into the mysterious realm of existence. The subtle and
uncontrollable moments of changes in the sub-consciousness of the
protagonist in the “AOI” chapter of the Japanese novel “Genji
Monogatari” (The Tale of Genji) are expanded and expressed through
the artistic dialogues between dance and piano. This Japanese Kabuki
dance crosses the boundary of time and space, and the strictly formed
figures and freedoms of Kabuki. Such creative movements and music
improvisation bring a spectator to the secret of every fold of the heart of
the protagonist, princess Rokujo.

Premiere: 15.03.2018, in Munich

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIbDD_yi3lk

weitere Informationen:
Flyer A und Flyer B (PDF)

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